Online Stopwatch

Use our simple and handy online stopwatch to keep track of the time.


How to use Online Stopwatch

Start the stopwatch

Press the start button and run the stopwatch. Time will be counted in milliseconds, seconds and minutes.

Split the laps

If necessary, you can mark the laps. To split the time, click on the corresponding button each time the mark is passed.

Stop and restart

If you want to stop the stopwatch press the pause button. If you want to reset the time to the initial zero value, press the reset button.

The advantages of our online stopwatch

We are sure that we were able to make one of the best online stopwatches, and here's why


When creating our online stopwatch, our main task was to make it as simple and convenient as possible for users. Therefore, we have added only all the most necessary elements and functions.


Our stopwatch works thanks to precise modern technology. We will not go into complicated details, but we can guarantee that you can count the time with an accuracy of milliseconds.


Despite its simplicity, we made sure that our stopwatch had everything you might need. Every button and function has been designed so that you can handle most of your daily tasks.


Very often when using a stopwatch, it is necessary to measure the laps covered. Thus, you measure not only the total time spent on the distance, but also split it into separate stages.

Is free

Paying for something as simple as a stopwatch is pretty weird these days. Stopwatches have long been available for free and everywhere. And our stopwatch won't cost you a dime. We'll just show you some ad to earn for coffee.


And of course, our stopwatch is fully available online. You don't have to install any applications on your computer or phone. You just visit our website and launch the web application.

Stopwatches: a history of creation and why we need them

Stopwatch is a device capable of measuring time intervals with an accuracy of fractions of a second. Stopwatches with an accuracy of one hundredth of a second are commonly used. But with the advent of modern technology, it became possible to measure time much more accurately - up to ten-thousandths and even more accurately. The online stopwatch is an ideal tool that will help you out in many areas, in everyday life, in sports, when doing testing and debugging, when preparing presentations and teaching materials, during various games (for example, chess). The entire list is simply impossible to list. The stopwatch measures time from zero, there is a special button for recording the time of events, whether it be running a distance, completing an exercise or solving a problem.

Online Stopwatch Application

It is impossible to do without this measuring device in sports, cooking, military affairs, laboratory research. It allows you to determine how long it took for a particular action. This is especially true in sports or in various competitions and relay races. In some areas (for example, auto racing) stopwatches with laser markings are used. Their accuracy is 1/1000 seconds or less. The application can be useful for sports activities and timing, for measuring time in scientific and laboratory research, and also used as a metronome for music lessons. What other purposes is this free online stopwatch suitable for? To measure the pulse, breathing, for exercises with a rubik's cube (for speedcubing), for training and physical exercises - the range of its application is endless!

  • In sports. First of all, stopwatches are used in sports to accurately measure the length of time it took an athlete to perform an exercise, such as sprinting or swimming.
  • In science. In scientific laboratories, factory laboratories, educational laboratories of universities, technical schools and schools.
  • In military affairs. Timing the time of the torpedo, determining the moment of hitting the target by the torpedo.
  • At home. For example, in the kitchen, to determine the cooking time.

Stopwatches History

Stopwatches History

The clock has been known to man for a long time. At first the sun played their role, then water, sand, even fire. But there was no need to talk about any accuracy of such measurements. Such measurements gave an error from several minutes to half an hour. The situation is somewhat improved with the advent of mechanical watches. First, it became possible to find out the time with an accuracy of the minute, with the appearance of the second hand - to the second.

But still, such a watch was far from a real stopwatch. They, for example, could not be stopped and started at an arbitrary moment. And the measurement accuracy was far from ideal.

The first real stopwatches are mentioned in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Measuring beats per minute eventually became a standard procedure in medical examination, and portable watches have been associated with doctors for over 200 years.As far as can be judged, these were practically the same devices that were used until the middle of the 20th century, that is, mechanical stopwatches. With the beginning of the active development of electronics, electronic stopwatches appear.

The use of stopwatches in our time

The device is especially often used in sports and during competitions, when the results of the competition are determined by time. First of all, these are auto racing, running, swimming, bobsleigh and other types of competitions.

If your job involves training, medicine, teaching or study, or any other activity in which accurate timing is important, you will surely appreciate the capabilities of our free electronic stopwatch with millisecond precision. You can also save your result.

What other purposes is this free online stopwatch suitable for? For anything! To measure the pulse, breathing, to practice tabata, to remind of something (put eggs to boil), for exercises with a rubik's cube (for speedcubing), for training and physical exercises - the spectrum of its application is endless!


If you suddenly need to use a stopwatch, and the necessary device is not at hand, then this application will come to your help! The stopwatch comes in a wide variety of shapes and designs. But at the same time, its function remains unchanged - it is the measurement of small periods of time with high accuracy. A free stopwatch can be used, for example, to measure your heart rate, register unofficial sporting achievements or pass standards. An online stopwatch can be useful for marketers and testers to keep track of time when checking the usability of a website or application.